About Us
We are a LATIN AMERICAN CULTURAL CENTER and a Center Of Excellence for learning Spanish and Salsa in New Delhi NCR region, and are Affiliated to the Embassy Of Peru (IPFA) in India. We are very unique in that we offer courses in Spanish and Salsa under the same roof, a very rare combination of the fastest growing foreign language and dance forms globally.

We are a team of people with very varied global cultural and work experiences promoting Spanish language, Latin dance forms and culture in India. We have a highly distinguished faculty with over 25 years of teaching experience, with major part related to Spanish language.

Our vision is to provide a native experience of the Spanish language from its roots and the Latin culture, through very innovative and time tested teaching and training methods. Some of these are completely our own creation wherein we own the intellectual property rights. These enable accelerated learning in a fun environment which takes the students away from the regular classroom setting with content loaded courses.

We teach English and Hindi as a foreign language which is a very unique offering. We include Enculturation as part of teaching Hindi to introduce key customs, Do’s and Don’ts when traveling In India.

Our founding team has award winning authors and professionals with top grade education from leading management and technology institutes in the country. They work very closely with our top grade faculty which has extensive experience of teaching in India, Latin American region, Europe and Asia. They extend invaluable support to our mission for providing world class learning experience to our students.

Whats New
We have frequent student/faculty interaction and several social events related to Spanish and Salsa.
Courses We Offer
Classroom courses, Corporate Trainings, Interpreter services etc
We Offer Basic/Inter/Adv.& Performance Courses.