Spanish Class Schedule

New Batches starting June 2017

ML 1

Weekend (option 1) - starting Sunday, 4th June, Sat - Sunday  

Weekend (option 2) - starting Saturday, 1st July, Sat-Sunday

Weekday (option 3) - starting Wednesday, 31st May,  Mon-Friday (4 days)

Weekday (option 4) - starting Wednesday, 7th June, Mon-Friday (4 days) 

Special 'Sundays only batch' - Please call us for more details

ML 2

Weekday (option 1) - starting Wednesday, 7th June, Mon-Friday (4 days)

Weekend (option 2) - starting Sunday, 11th June,  Sat - Sunday 

ML 3

Weekday (option 1) - Starting Wednesday, 14th June, Mon-Friday (4 days)  


ML 4

Weekend (option 1) - Starting Saturday, 17th June, Sat-Sunday

Weekday (option 2) - Starting Friday, 2nd June,  Mon-Friday (4 days









Whats New
We have frequent student/faculty interaction and several social events related to Spanish and Salsa.
Courses We Offer
Classroom courses, Corporate Trainings, Interpreter services etc
We Offer Basic/Inter/Adv.& Performance Courses.