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  • IGDTUW Anveshan Foundation launches a very unique online course on ‘Spanish for Beginners’ to facilitate students and professionals to acquire a very useful linguistic skill and build life skills. The course focuses on building ability to interact in Spanish at a basic level, and also developing repository of skills which help in facing the world better, such as – Communications, Presentation, Teamwork, Global cultural orientation.

Learning Goals

  • ⇒ To equip learners with basic knowledge of Spanish which creates an instant connect with over half a billion native speakers of the language across 21 countries and 4 continents
  • ⇒ To help students with enhanced employability for MNCs and higher success in admissions for Masters/higher studies in Premier Institutions
  • ⇒ To provide an additional avenue for personal growth and personality development through building overall communication, presentation and teamwork skills

Participant Profile

    Who should attend and eligibility
  • All students – at any level (UG, PG)
  • Self employed professionals/ Entrepreneurs – looking to start or expand business which involves International markets
  • Budding linguistics – wanting to give a try to pick up their first foreign language
  • Enthusiastic travelers
  • Those motivated to work from home/start earning at early stages through freelancing – as trainers/interpreters/translators etc

Fee and Course Outcomes

  • Heavily subsidized fee
    • At our Cultural Center/Online – INR 21,800/-
    • For Leading Universities where we are conducting the course for over 10 years – INR 15,900/-
    • For IGDTUW Anveshan Foundation – 8,900/-
    • Level : Basic User (International A1)

    • Understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment).
    • Communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters.
    • Describe in simple terms aspects of his/her background, immediate environment and matters in areas of immediate need.
    • Be able to travel to a Spanish speaking country independently and not get lost!
    • Engage in very basic level interactions with native speakers


  • 3 months course
  • 50 hrs over 11 weeks
  • 3 sessions of 4.5hrs/week
  • Mon/Wed - 6-7:30 pm
  • Saturday - 8:30-10 am
  • Mid term assessment post 6 weeks and Final assessment 12th week (both online)
  • Core Methodology – SWIRRL (Speaking, Writing, Interaction, Reading, Role Plays and Listening) – Focus is to develop ‘Interaction’ through all of the other 5 skills building.

  • Online interactive sessions –
  • ⇒ Assignments – ongoing (given and to be submitted online)
  • ⇒ Main Cultural activity/project – 1
  • ⇒ Role plays – ongoing
  • ⇒ Living the language – 1 (outdoor activity - Covid restrictions/guideline compliant)

Evaluation system

  • ⇒ Total 100 marks
  • ⇒ Passing marks – 50
  • ⇒ Final exam (online) – writing/listening/speaking/reading – 50 marks
  • ⇒ Mid –term (online) – (same as above) - 20 marks
  • ⇒ Class participation and Attendance – 20 marks
  • ⇒ Assignments and submissions (online) – 10 marks


  • ⇒ A1 International – Spanish Basic Level
  • ⇒ Offered by MUNDO LATINO (Latin American Cultural Center) in Collaboration with IGDTUW and ANVESHAN FOUNDATION
  • ⇒ For further information, please contact Dr. V K Arora - email:- ceoincubationcenter@gmail.com 9811593059
  • ⇒ For contacts pls use above mentioned and Sunil Chopra - Program Director - Email:- ml@mundolatino.co.in 9910955505

  • ⇒ Embassy certified International level Diploma will be issued at the end of Course to all participants successfully completing the program