• Myths - Spanish is the native language in Spain only
  • Fact - Spanish is the native language of 21 countries (including 19 latin american countries)
  • Myths- Spanish speakers are all from Spain
  • Fact - 90% of Spanish speakers are from outside of Spain (approx 50 million)- from Latin America (approx 420 million)
  • Myths- Spanish is not as spoken and popular as some of other foreign languages
  • Fact - Spanish is the 2nd most spoken and the fastest growing foreign language globally, official language of UN as well
  • Myths- Spanish is more like English and tough for non-English speakers to learn
  • Fact - Spanish is much closer to Hindi and hence easiest as a foreign language to learn for Indians. In fact their vowel sounds are almost identical to Hindi
  • Myths- Spanish is as tough to learn as other popular foreign languages
  • Fact - Spanish is one of the easiest foreign languages to learn, particularly because it is the ONLY foreign language which is read completely as it is written - WYSIWYS - What you see is what you say
  • Myths- More people speak French and German than Spanish
  • Fact- Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the World, following Chinese (approx 470million native and 555 million total speakers) which is almost 3 times the combined speakers of French and German